Gelmax PolyGel Professional Kit

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Features Of The Gelmax PolyGel:

• No Odour

• No Airborne Dust

• No Toxic Glue

• More flexible than acrylic, stronger

than hard gel but lighter than both

• Applied as an overlay over natural

nails, a tip overlay, or sculpted over

a form

• Available in 4 colors: French White,

Clear, Baby pink and Cover pink.

• Gelmax polish Gel colors can

be applied over the PolyGel.

• Set in 30 seconds (LED

Light Required)

• Create Perfect French Nails.

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Adina Beauty is excited to announce our Gelmax PolyGel system, the latest in Nail Technology. Gelmax PolyGel is a hybrid between a hard gel and acrylic. Our PolyGel allows the nail tech to keep what they like about the acrylic and hard gel system whilst removing the parts they don’t like.

Professional Kit Includes:

Gelmax 48watt LED Light

4 Gelmax PolyGel Colors, French White, Baby Pink, Cover Pink and Clear

Gelmax PolyGel Application Brush

Gelmax PolyGel Flow Solution 250ml

Phd Non Acid Primer

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 25 cm